ISI Papers


1-      K. Madanipour,M.T.Tavassoly, Determination of modulation transfer function (MTF) of a printer by measuring the autocorrelation of the transmission function of a printed Ronchi grating, Applied optics, Vol. 48, No. 4, pp.825-829 ( 2009).

2-      M. Goharkhah, M. Ashjaee, K. Madanipour, Investigation of the accuracy of different methods of interferogram analysis for calculation of local free convection heat transfer coefficient on axisymmetric objects, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 33, pp.1188-1196, (2009).

3-      K. Madanipour, M.T. Tavassoli, Moiré fringes as two-dimensional autocorrelation of transmission function of the linear gratings and its application for modulation transfer function measuring, Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 48, pp.43-47, (2010).

4-      S. Fatehi, K. Madanipour, P.Parvin Measurement of the convective heat transfer coefficient around a vertical hot wire in different heights using Michelson interferometer based on Abel transform, Physics Express, Vol.1,  Issue 2, ( 2011).

5-      A. Granmayeh Rad, S. H. Nabavi, A. Koohian, Kh. Madanipour,Nonlinear responses and quantum yield measurement of DCJ dye under CW laser illumination, Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics, 5-1, 35-39 (2011).

6-      Fatemeh Salimi Meidanshahi, Khosro Madanipour, Babak Shokri, Investigation of first and second ionization on optical properties of atmospheric plasmas, Optics Communications ,285, pp. 453–458, (2012).

7-       Fatemeh Mohammadi, Khosro Madanipour, AmirHossein Rezaie,Accuracy Enhancement of 3D Profilometric Human Face Reconstruction using Undecimated Wavelet Analysis, APPLIED OPTICS, Vol. 51, No. 16 ,pp.3120-3131 (2012).

8-      S. Farajikhah, K. Madanipour, S. Saharkhiz, M. Latifi, Shadow Moiré Aided 3-D Reconstruction of Fabric Drape, Accepted in Fibers and Polymers (2012).

9-      Adeleh Granmayeh Rad ,Khosro Madanipour, Ata Koohian ,Narges Taheri,Sign Identification of Nonlinear Refractive Index of Colloidal Nanoparticles by Moiré Deflectometry Technique,Journal of the European Optical Society , 7, 12034 (2012).

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