In today's world, technological development related to science and technology of light;
  technologies including optics, electro optics, lasers and photonics with accelerated and rapid progress. So, according to the need and importance of the development of these technologies and its various applications, it is needed to develop a comprehensive and effective program for academic and professional growth in the courses.
In this regard, for developing and promoting technical knowledge related to the field and scientific and technical services, and to remove the obstacles in the way of research and development of centers, industry, medicine, agriculture,
it is proposed the establishment of the Institute of Optics, Lasers & Photonics. The programs and goals of the institute include:

1-     Efforts to make the practical and new technology and strategies

2-     Enhance productivity and improve the properties of laser  and optic systems

3-     Identify government agencies, and private research organizations active in the field of designing and manufacturing optical and laser devices  inside the country and creating interaction with them

4-     Enabling students to conduct research and studies.

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